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Stout Barrel Finished Bourbon

Join the Cask Club and get an opportunity to adopt a share (or shares) from a barrel prepared exclusively for Mountain Society with the help of Sourland Mountain Spirits. Become part of a journey as premium Kentucky whiskey is transformed into something truly special when finished in a stout barrel from Beach Haus Brewery. This limited, exclusive program makes the ultimate gift, for yourself, or for someone else.
Ray Disch (Founder of Sourland Mountain Spirits) with the barrel, telling the story.

Become a Founding Member
When you purchase a share or shares, you are becoming part of a story. Born in Kentucky, barrel-finished and bottled in NJ, this rare release is a special addition to any collection. When you buy a share you aren't just getting a bottle, you will also get:
  • Updates throughout the finishing process
  • Invitations to tasting events in West Orange and in Hopewell
  • Free delivery of the finished bottles
  • Membership to the Inner Circle - an invitation-only Mountain Society club with many great benefits including no-minimum free delivery
Please click the button below to order your share or shares of Stout Barrel Finished Bourbon. Shares are limited.

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